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The LV Life is all about living on a premium level of life, a premium lifestyle.  A level only accessible with The LV Life. With only our first product launched -Thrive - the word is spreading fast about our premium “one product that does it all” it’s unbelievably amazing!!

The LV Life is Exploding Rapidly!

It’s fun, it’s rewarding and extremely EXCITING how SIMPLE it is to experience success with LeVel!

We are only introducing 1 consumable product package at the moment… Thrive  and the testimonies are exploding!

See Below..

What people are saying about THRIVE:

Jim Loreto
I have taken a lot of products over my lifetime and 9 times out of 10 all the hype around those products were just that hype. When I took Thrive M (for men) first thing in the morning I felt an incredible sensation of feeling lighter and happier and than I added the Thrive Shake. The combination of both of those two products gave me an experience like I haven’t had before. I felt a tingling in my head and my mental clarity and focus were through the roof it was a euphoric experience! I can’t wait to get my hands on more so I have this feeling everyday. 
Tamara Paul
Thrive allowed me to complete a 17 item check list in 1 day and I did 3 loads of clothes. Love it!!!! Thrive also made me extremely focused and I wasn’t Hungary until late afternoon . I’m looking forward to being part of this exciting launch. 
Chad Adkins I am a Sales Engineer who travels weekly to destinations in the US. I am up early and to bed late. I also own a DJ Company in Louisville, which at times creates late nights entertaining people…. Since my busy schedule requires one to be alert and ready at an instant second…. THRIVE has completely impacted my energy, my drive, my mental focus…. Every morning my body is ready for the next days long hours… THRIVE has me feeling like I was 18 years old again. This product is amazing.     
Toni Strathman
Being a Nurse, I can tell you I sure need my THRIVE, I felt so good (mood) Focused, was able to get so much done…not jittery at all. I wasn’t hungry craving all those things I normally Crave.. I wasn’t tired late in afternoon either, I also slept so good!! I even lost 3# in 4 days on my VIP pack.. Love this product! Hurry and launch!
Daryl M Clarke I haven’t been this Excited about a Company in years, and the Most Amazing part is that, The LV Life is in Pre-Launch. You know I can’t sleep at night! The THRIVE Life Style Products are Simply AMAZING!!! This Company ROCKS, MY Upline ROCKS and My TEAM is ROCKING & EXPLOSIVE!!!! I’m telling EVERYONE I know that, “FREE is EASY!!!” ~ We Haven’t Seen Nothing Yet, Get READY World, HERE WE COME!
Aaron Ronnie Cristan
My wife and myself both tried the VIP pack this past weekend and had exceptional results, went all weekend with more energy and not feeling like I needed to eat all day. 
Lisa Webb Gore My friend Toni was kind enough to share a sample with me and I can’t believe that just one day’s worth could make such a difference. My knee pain was relieved, I had energy to get a lot accomplished, and a decreased appetite. The next day with no Thrive, I was back to feeling sluggish and wanting some more of it! Please send me a VIP pack so I can take some more! 
Brant Padmore
I received my THRIVE pack on a Monday i put it in the refrigerator took it out the next morning and took the capsule. Immediately my brain fog went away, my vision improved i then made the THRIVE shake after drinking it 30 minutes later a euphoric feeling over took me i never felt like this in my life i felt like a million bucks my appetite went away and a chronic pain on my right side went away also. After this experience i told everyone i know i can’t live without that product please send me more THRIVE for free i haven’t had a day like that since i really need it PLEASEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! 
Julie Whitmore Meuth
THRIVE is Amazing!!!! We had a few days supply and WOW! We felt energized, focused, and lost weight with no jittery feeling! This is the product that everyone will love…. We are thrilled to be a part of this new incredible venture!  
Eric Kabel
Before taking thrive I felt lethargic and depressed. The other day Thrive enabled me to work for 9 hours in and out of the Arizona heat with no problems. I was out of shape and after doing physical labor for three days I didn’t have any pain. I also have clearer thought, and feel more upbeat. I am absolutely amazed at the results that Thrive has produced.

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The LV Life VIP Launch is exploding!
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